Full Service Commercial & Residential Service & Maintenance Provider
As part of any service contract with PEC, a tailored maintenance program will be created to meet the needs of your elevator system. Some elevator companies like to dictate to you when service should be performed, whether that be a time period or usage based, it does not always meet your actual needs. You may desire that service be performed more or less frequently or on off days; PEC can accommodate these requests.

Our Maintenance Planning System (MPS) takes into account your building requirements, elevator needs, tenant or customer access and finally the safe operation of the elevator(s). We will never service an elevator without first meeting with or calling your engineer or building maintenance department. Contact us to discuss any or all of the following:

  • Maintenance Plans for corporate offices, court houses, universities, and many others.
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Customized contract language or length
  • 24 hour Emergency Service

Our elevator maintenance will provide years of safe, reliable performance of your equipment. Our scheduled routine maintenance will help prevent equipment failure while providing a safe operation.